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Charlie Ti Wanditi


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Charlie Ti and Vision 4x Family

 Charlie Ti Wanditi 

Charlie Ti Wanditi is a gospel artist from Uganda Started his music carrier in secondary school where he discovered his talent as a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter. Since then he has written songs and played musical instruments in a number of groups and church praise and worship teams etc. During his school days he was a music director, Chapel pianist and many other music and drama related responsibilities. God has blessed him with favour everywhere he steps both in Church and outside church. He has been an inspiration and impact to many other musicians and young people around him and wants to be even expand his territories.

SINDI (which literally means I will never go back to the devil again) from the Album I NEED A MIRACLE has been one of the best hits which has been loved by many people.Sindi was nominated in the KORA Awards for Best Male Artist from East Africa 2005. Itaal(which means Jesus is the Light of the world) from the Album LIFT HIM is another promising song touching everyone who hears it. 


Charlie Ti is the group leader and Director of Vision 4x Family. He keeps the team  together and focussed to the goal and Vision.  I love working for the Lord, interacting and being an example to others.  My Vision and that of the group is not merely music but stretches to all areas of life since everyone in the group has a different gift. 
Our Vision is taking the Gospel to all corners of the world and blessing people materially, spiritually, mentally above all giving people a smile.
Where the Lord is there is;
Joy, Dancing and a Hope
Psalms 33:3 says,
"Sing unto the Lord a new song and play skillfully with a sound of joy"  and that is exactly what we do for the Lord!
Vision 4x Family is a group of people who have the zeal for the Lord to take the Gospel to all corners of the world through music, dance and drama.  Just like our name Vision For Xst Divine Family  we feel and know that the Lord had a divine purpose for each one of us and as a heavenly family we stand and support each other in ministry, material, emotions etc. Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us one great commission to take the gospel to the whole world. Singers keep on singing, Actors keep on acting, Dancers keep on dancing, preachers keep on preaching, intercessors keep on interceeding, teachers keep on teaching use whatever skill and talent the Lord has entrusted you with till we reach the whole world with the Gospel.

God has blessed me (Charlie Ti Wanditi) and the Vision 4x Family (V4x) in every area of our lives and it is a pleasure to be a blessing to others. Looking at the world around us one has to come up and give his heart to helping others know the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour, strengthen them, and give them a hope we already have in Jesus. The only person who can do that is you and me.

I have chosen to use the talent the Lord Jesus has given me "MUSIC" and you also definately have something you can use. Just like the way God asked Moses, "... What do you have?" He is also asking you today, " What do you have? Use it!"  God has blessed me with talent, message and songs.

I NEED A MIRACLE and LIFT HIM are not just  ordinary music albums: The music is rich with many music styles, Culture, Afro Pop, Reggie, Rap etc

While writing the albums, the thought of being a blessing to all people was the core subject, the unsaved(un born again), depressed, rejoicing, saved(born again) etc are all considered.


Telephone: +256 772 320595