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Charlie Ti Wanditi

The People Behind

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The People Behind

Charlie Ti Wanditi 

President/Director - Vision 4x


When you have many friends behind your ministry then you have God's Blessing.

There are really many friends who have stood with me behind the music in singing, finances, moral support, spiritual counsel etc.  The friends are too many that I can't mention all of them. But the ones you won't fail to notice when you listen to the music and watch the videos.They really have nice voices. I am blessed to to have them around me.



Gilbert Harold Episu (Rolly King)

Vice President -Vision 4x


   Milly Kadama

Counselling and Welfare




 Otera Prossy 

Administrator and Accountant - Vision 4x



        Sylivia Abulo

Manager and Stage Director- Vision 4x


Serubili Vicent

Deputy Vice President and Dance Director



Kimali Ben

Co-ordinator and Production Manager


Mbazira Joseph

Assist. Councelling and Dance Director


Damulila Joseph

Assistant Dance trainer


Akware Lydia

Wadrope Manager


  • Vision 4x Family Members (Dancers, Back up and co-ordinators):

    • Alejo Kulusum Ansia,
    • Milly Kadama
    • Rolly King
    • Otera Musaazi Proscovia
    • Abullo Sylivia
    • Irene Namagembe
    • Doreen Nazziwa 
    • Vicent Sserubili
    • Mbazira Joseph
    • Martin Magala
    • Harriet
    • Ariong
    • Ivan Wanditi
    • Damulila Joseph
    • Peace Nantongo
    • Akware Lydia
    • Paul Mukisa
    • Paul Kiganda,
    • Grace Nakyonyi
    • Diana Birungi,
    • Ben O Kimali etc

And those who in one way all the other are of an encouragement to us as a team.


  • Bishop John Richard Lokwang'
  • Pastor Dikan Steven
  • Pastor Okudi George
  • Mr and Mrs Jasper T. Mpirirwe
  • Mr and Mrs Kaawa
  • My Parents (Mr and Mrs Wanditi), Brothers and sisters
  • Pastors and Friends whose names are too many to be listed here


Most Musician have a very smart beginning. May be from a musical family or music school. This time it is different. I look back and see it is the Lord who has brought me this far.
It was just a humble begining in a school choir and that is when I discovered the calling in Music ministry and the Lord has enabled me sing and play for many ministries.
As a young boy playing drums in a local Church in Tororo
This was simply a humble begining with a team of  four young teens on a mission to one of the schools. from right to left Sebuliba David Kayongo, Me, Kerunga Steven and Mandu Moses Samaali.
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Please Contact us for any details:, or ring us at +256772320595