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Charlie Ti Wanditi

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You are what ...
  • ... you listen to
  • ... you watch
  • ... your friends look like
  • ... you speak and sing
  • ... you judge yourself to be
  • ... you dream

According to Jeremiah 29:11, he who knew us before we were even born. Psalms 84:11 He will not withold anything good from those who follow in his footsteps. He who knows our destiny for tomorrow. We can only do one thing in return. Serve him, obey him, follow his direction and above all give him all the Praise and Worship

Born To ..
Praise and Serve the Lord

I Need A Miracle has 13 tracks while Jesus Makes Sense is of 10 tracks.
If you need a copy you can contact me through my address/email/telephone at the bottom of this page or the contacts page.
May God bless you for standing with us.

Please you can give me your comments by either signing in our guest book or by sending us mail:

Favorite Music Style

Well I don't have a particular style am interested in. I try mixing styles from song to song especially the African Rhythms. You will get me in one song playing reggie, the next Afro Pop, another SOCA, another zouk, another R & B etc
So long as I know I can give a message through aparticular style and there is someone am reaching I go for it.
I want to reach all people no matter what style they are interested in.

Favorite Song

I need a miracle & Lift Him
To me nothing makes more sense than Jesus. He is everything that you can think of and through him this world has meaning and that is the very reason we need to lift Him up.
Why because I am what I am because of God's greatest favour on my life. Not by chance.
Many times when I am almost giving up on a certain situation, the Lord always gives me a Miracle. I know from experience that God is full of surprises on the last minute.  That is why we should always have hope even when you don't see any chance of breaking through. When you are almost giving up that is when the Lord comes with a perfect answer.  Not that He does that always but when He does it you will know your faith has got its value.
Choosing my favorite song is a bit tricky because every song I sing, I sing and write it from the bottom of my heart. I never just create rhythmic words but sing what I feel is from the bottom of my heart.
So I love every song I sing