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Charlie Ti Wanditi

Amazing Comments From Emails sent. Please you can send me comments and sign my guest

Great Inspiration.

This reminds me of your Music practical in Nabumali High School and ministry in music at the School Chapel. u remember??? Thus far the Lord has brought us!!! May God bless the work of your hands.ByTamar Wasswa

This site rocks its a great achievement one can ever come up with in order to inspire and to let the people know of the great works the Lord keeps on doing in ones life. God richly bless the team abundantly.ByMulenga Diana Nthuluke


Thanks to All of you who signed the guest book and your comments.

Nellie Crolley, Central London, UK,, Charlie's music has continuously blessed

Opata Peter, P.O.BOX 22678 KAMPALA, TEL: +256 782 133779,,Comment: Ladies and Gentlemen, knowing who Charles is am sure he would find this probably an exaggeration or over praising of him. But for the time i have known you Charles, you are such an amazing humble person with lots of great works and gifts and God really knew whom to bless with b'se your are so generous and selfless with your gifts and you share them so abundantly. I believe those who have crossed your path of life have permanent prints left in their lives. God bless you and keep the great works of God high.About me: I am a fulltime husband and a father of two sweet babies Petrah Immaculate (3yrs) and Victor Philemon (8mnths) and a colleague of Charles at office

Tabu Rosemary, Nabisunsa Girls School,, Telephone 0752985104, Comment: Big up 4 u !!!!!

Byanguye Moses, P.O. Box 127, Kamuli, Uganda,, Telephone 0772-920932, Comment: Truely i have never hard of you but some how got to yr website and wanted to listen to yr music as a sample but failed but got exited to find that you are on web and produce both audio and video music God Bless.

Casual. ingraham , 44 william st apt 1 hudson falls n.y. 12839 usa,, Telephone , Comment: wonderful music

moses Ariong, p.obox 26393 kampala uganda.,, Telephone +256782588107, Comment: Beautiful

NABAWEESI CATHERINE, Purchasing excecutive-marketing, procurement nile breweries, NILEBREWERIES LTD, PO BOX 762. JINJA, UGANDA.,, Telephone 0332240285,0752383824, Comment: Well done Challie

Getanda Jessica, P.O Box 505 Kisii - kenya,, Telephone 0725937788, Comment: Thanks for writing to me. How I wish to have someone to hung unto for life. Though two people must make it work despite all.

Though life is a gift to you and I, we can mere sit without an effort to merit it. There is always a way through the going is rough, we have to work out our ways.

Onekalit Akumu , Uganda, East Africa , , Telephone , Comment: Go brother! may the Almighty inspire you more. whom you are : A Christian woman who believes in and loves God the Almighty.

Sara sweet nanny , 2200windfeildway canton Ohio , , Telephone 330-280-2795 , Comment: I like Your site. whom you are : I am a child of the most High King

Kayongo David Sebuliba , WBS TELEVISION , , Telephone +256 712 888202 , Comment: Wonderful work you are doing,I pray God provides all that is required to continue with the good work. Bless you all. whom you are : OB of St peters college Tororo,Wanditi's former College. Media practitioner and an education consultant. Most of all,A PRINCE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

Sheragonjo Robert , Connection By Faith Productions/Academy P.O. Box 533268 Indianapolis, Indiana 46253-3268 , , Telephone 317-203-3468 , Comment: I enjoyed your site, may God continue to bless you with His work. If you are ever here to visit be sure to come our way we would love to have your ministry apart of us. whom you are : I am the director of ministries for Connection By Faith Productions and All Together ONE International Ministries of Indiana USA

Rukundo Dorcus , Inspectorate of Government P.O Box 1682 Kampala Uganda. ,, , Telephone +256712488602 , Comment: This is really so lovely! May the Lord continue to Bless you Charlie!! Your music is such a blessing to us. I watched i need a miracle yesterday on WBS - in the program of Gospel music. It was so nice!! Keep it up and May God richly Bless you! Whom you are : Born again Christian of the Anglican Faith. Member of All saints Cathedral Nakasero. I love the Lord!

Tuhaise Joyce , Uganda Telecom P.O. Box 24622, Kampala , , Telephone 0712-803069 , Comment: With God everything is possible. whom you are : I am a Christian and believe in God. May God Bless You.

Namirembe Maliza , Kisasi, Kampala, This is really great Charles! You have a wonderful gift. May you continue to use it to develop persons of integrity in their relationship with God, self and others. May people see that life, history and human affairs are both a gift from and the arena of. whom you are : A friend

Mulenga Diana Nthuluke , CARE International P.O Box 36238, Lusaka, Zambia. ,, Telephone +26097878351 , Comment: this site rocks its a great achievement one can ever come up with in order to inspire and to let the people know of the great works the Lord keeps on doing in ones life. God richly bless the team abundantly. whom you are : I am a Zambian lady based in Lusaka who loves listening to music and has the talent in playing drums. Am with a choir of about 50 members and 30 active ones. These are great works we need not to stop working on. Let's continue winning a lot of hearts to the Lord.

Naome Nankunda , Kampala, Comment: This is so cool Charlie keep it up whom you are : I'm a good person who likes meeting people with good ideas like Charlie who is a blessing to the youth of today

Lwevoola Jacqueline , Plot 7,Norfolk Gardens,Kyambogo. , , Telephone +256-782-119512 , Comment: I love everything here! whom you are : Sensitive!

Kezzy Annette , Natal, Durban , , Telephone 071491143 , Comment: God makes all things beautiful in His time. whom you are : A royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, a chosen generation.

Dila , P.O. Box 372 Kamuli ,, , Telephone , Comment: wow!

B Sarah , P.O Box 12129, Kampala, Uganda , , Telephone 0782785292 , Comment: The website is really cool-i wish i could get some of that skill. Your work is so amazing, may God continue to bless u. whom you are : Christian.

Masaba V. Paul Friday , EEEH OFCOS IN THE HIPPO WATERS Bwana! , , Telephone 0772959233/ 0752585312 , Comment: Man the reason why ive taken ds long to sign the bk is simply bcos I was trying to get the right word to let U know that God set U aside to be a blessing to me especially. I hear in uganda there is only 1 person with a vision, whatever it means Charlie

V.P Aredo Tom , DC Tororo Tororo , tbaredofamily@yahoo. or , Telephone +256392944977 , Comment: Good, May God hold your hand and walk with you, As He carries you further Never Never loose focus and vision. dont compromise because of people, God remains God His standards dont change. May He continue to bless you. whom you are : Am born - again, an instrumentalist, worshipper and teacher by calling, am married to a lovely wife, God has blessed us with a Beautiful Girl (10 months old). we live and work in Tororo

Daniyell Henderson , 95 westcircle Northport Alabama , , Telephone 205-239-8185 , Comment: It blesses me to see you all on the web site and I will be looking more things on the web site. whom you are : AM SAVED FILL WITH THE HOLYGHOST THANK GOD FOR THAT AM 22 YEARS OF AGE AND I GO TO A HOLYNESS CHURCH WHERE THEY GIVE GOD ALL THE PRAISE AND I WORK AROUND A LOTS OF PEOPLE.AM FROM THE AMERICAN AND BLACK FEMALE LOVE TO PRAISE DANCE AND SING.

Namagembe Irene , Aga Khan High School P.O. Box 6837 Kampala , , Telephone 256712189545 , Comment: The music is great and do not let the devil put you down, keep those voices higher. whom you are : Am a member, a daughter of Charlie Ti and many others

ASANTE TORORO , NANGOGERA ROAD , yet to get , Telephone 07752974223 , Comment: LIVE LONGER MY LONGTIME FRIEND!!!! whom you are : Jst Guess the Tororo Photocopying Giant! Asante

Atuheire Connie , Faulu Uganda , - , Telephone - , Comment: Seeing ur good web design, i say brother u r serious with ministry. Good job!! whom you are : God fearing, musically inspired, and all that GOD stands for

OBBO RICHARD JOSEL , TORORO-GULU , , Telephone 0712609825 , Comment: Blessed be the name of the lord for this great work. May he continue increasing your Ministry to greater heights. whom you are : Call us Mr and Mrs Obbo

San Pedro Emily , Room 401 Dona Consuelo Building N. Reryes St. Sampaloc, Manila Philippines , , Telephone 09108868911 , Comment: Praise the Lord! May the Lord be exalted in your life and music. Continue to reach out for Christ. whom you are : Im a campus worker in World Students for Christ.

Banabi Lisa Miriam , Juba,Southern Sudan ,, , Telephone 04774210023 , Comment: Well...what can I say?You are a wonderful person,you always have the ability to make me laugh,you just great and I know the good Lord is gonna do greater things through your music ministry. whom you are : I am just an ordinary girl in an extra ordinary world.You know me,im just easy...Iam a believer in the word of God...

Emmanuella Njoku , 49 agbonyin Aguda Surulere lagos. , , Telephone 2348028892254 , Comment: i love ur out reach. whom you are : I am his friend

Mpiriirwe Jasper, Tuffnel Drive Kamwokya Kampala , , Telephone +256712527737 , Comment: Wonderful beginning and may God grant you the grace to pursue your dream whom you are : A person who likes others and a christian apologist.

kankunda prossy, kampala , , Telephone 0772-462728 , Comment: Charlie, you are a man of suprises! whom you are : An artist,a kora award nominee 2005,a single mother of two boys Derrick and Elton.Am a good christian.

addisalem mishu, Addis Ababa Ehtiopia PO.Box 6335 , , Telephone 2510911698645 , Comment: he is nice person. whom you are : i am addis alme kibru form Ethiopia

episu harold gilbert , entebbe-uganda , , Telephone 256772658985 , Comment: Wow! this site is great! whom you are : A musician, born again

okot uthant, Po box 218 kitgum , , Telephone 0712510200 , Comment: you are doing a good work for Christ, may the Lord bless you. whom you are : I am a born again christian and work for the poor and the needy

Ansar Shahzad , Church Street Asif Town 1 Feroz Pur Road P.O.I smail Nager Lahore-PAKISTAN 54760 , , Telephone 009203014629116 , Comment: your work for the LORD always inspired me and many times in my teaching and faith seminars specially in on worship I like to give your examples.may GOD bless u richly.

Birungi diana, , Telephone 0782 716008 , Comment: I think its nice,Whoever designed it should be good.It also has nice chics and beautful dancers.its also organised.

Ssembiro Tamar Wasswa , Kampala , , Telephone 077 2 998256 , Comment: Great Inspiration. This reminds me of your Music practicals in Nabumali High School and ministry in music at the School Chapel. u remember??? Thus far the Lord has brought us!!! May God bless the work of your hands. whom you are : Am heavenbound; married to one husband - Paul, with two children Queen Esther Kisakye (5yrs) and Prophet Elisha Mwesigwa (6months) Music and Evangelism is our best ministry.

Milly kadama, Faulu u Ltd 33513, Kampala Uganda. ,, , Telephone 256 0772843366 , Comment: As a member of V4X under the command of Charlie, I say Ebebezer!!!. Glory to God for this is good work. whom you are : Am Milly Katonda a child of God.

Nakijoba florence , Uganda , , Telephone 0772-514974 , Comment: God bless you brother as you touch souls for Christ.Am blessed by your music.its a smashing website. whom you are : Am born again

Geofrey Otim, Atlas Travel Centre Ltd Plot 45, Nkrumah road. P. O. Box 12719, Kampala , , Telephone 256712242520 , Comment: Thank God for all that He has already accomplished in your life and that which He is yet to accomplished. You speak volumes of who God is and your life reflect His perfect will. You will soar like an eagle, the Sky is the limit. May you submit to His power. whom you are : I am a kingdom citizen. God has blessed us all and I am on my way to the promised land.

Sis. Karen M. Ball , Atlanta GA in the United States , , Telephone , Comment: I really enjoyed your new website. God bless you and all you do for the Lord. whom you are : I am Evangelist Karen M Ball of Our Oasis Ministries...I am Equally Yoked and Christ Ministries in the United States

beatrix, london , Comment: Just wanted to say that I like the diversity of your work..It spreads a cross a wide range of music genres with great originality... whom you are :

Fatima Williams, Philadelphia, PA, USA , , Telephone , Comment: Thanks for sending me the link. I like the site. I encourage you to keep doing work for the Kingdom of God. whom you are : Servant of the Most High God, Minister of Music, and Web : Graphic Designer.

Crolley Nellie, central london, uk, , Telephone , Comment: i always feel encouraged, blessed and inspired by all that come from Charlies ministries.God bless. whom you are : I am a woman of the great God.

Kamoga Mauda, P. O Box 9, Kampala.Uganda , , Telephone , Comment: I have been blessed with the site. Please keep it up brother and may the Almighty God Richly bless u and open more doors for you. whom you are : love Christian music and Ephesians 5:19-20 encourages me through your website. God Bless You.

Dija , p.o. box 3769 kampala Uganda , , Telephone 0772443492, Comment: Great work. Glory be to God. Thank God that we have a Gift in Charles and his team as singers, They will reach out to so many. May the Almighty bless u abundantly whom you are : A friend and workmate of Charlie. Mother to Tendo; 4 year old boy and Kirabo; one year old girl.

Amiru Debbrah, P.O.Box 59113-00200, Nairobi, Kenya , , Telephone , Comment: Wow, you have really outdone yourself Charlie, Good work. I can see Jehovah lifting you and He will continue to do so. whom you are : Am a born-again Christian and I love to sing and listen to Christian music. Cant forget Sindi

PHELPS MARK C. , 506 west centennila bl. #99 springfield,or 97477 in the usa , CAMEPHELPS.1@NETZERO.NET , Comment: great web page

Yetambuyu Joan Nyambe-Muzungu,, Telephone +260 97 480048 Zambia , Comment: Bless the Lord all my soul...and all that is within me bless His Holy name... All the best my good friend Charlie and may God really grant you the desires of your heart. I will forever remain your friend because you encourage me in the things of God all whom you are : I am a praise and worship leader of my local congregation and i love to worship my God every second of my life. My life is full of Praise and Worship to my God. Make Worship a lifestyle and all things shall be added unto to you.

Kisakye Monica Leah, , Telephone 0772631773 , Comment: hey..your website is soooo has really inspeired me. i wish you all the best in your upcoming projects.keep praying for me. God Bless. Monica whom you are : Well..i guess you know something about me!!

Kezzy Annette, UTL P.o box 7171 Kampala, Comments: God is taking you from Glory to Glory! Remember, He makes all things beautiful in his time. I shall support you, may he Victory be yours.Whom you are: Charlie, I can only pray. Do not give yourself to scandals that the devil brings after a breakthrough. Always pray for yourselves.

Kiyai C Harriet, Sir Appolo Kagwa Road,, Kampala Uganda. Comments: Great going Brother,May the almighty always Bless you and the group.It is a blessing to listen to your music.Whom You Are: I Love The Lord and its agreat family to be amember of.Praise God Alway

Dorcus Rukundo Twesigomwe, Inspectorate Of Gov't P.O BOX 1682KAMPALA,,, Uganda. Comments: This is wonderful work, that you are doing! May God Richly Bless you! My Prayer is that if all the youths would take your example, God's name would be very Glorified!Thank you and may God Bless! Whom You Are: Am born again, and i love the Lord! He has been and is Faithful!

Peter Kibalya, 1705 8th st Columbus,Ne 68601USA, Comments: Keep up the good work and may God bless you!Whom You are:I am a missionary to the States from Uganda


Yetambuyu Joan, Lex House, Suite 5, P.O BOX 50468,+260 97 480048,, Lusaka-Zambia Comments: Congratulations Charles for being selected to take part in the Kora Awards....this is really from God and like you told me He picked you from nowhere to somewhere Remember God lifts the humble. I am so proud of you and hey i cant wait to watch you live in South Africa. Be assured that i will be there and to God be the Glory. Whom you are: I reside in Zambia right in the capital called Lusaka. I am a praise and worship leader at my church (Bethel Christian Centre). Music is my food and i love worshiping and praising my God. He is the reason why I am here today.

Kimera Remmie, 075578460,, Uganda. Comments: This is really beautiful. Run out of words, maybe later.

Anthony, ,, Norway, Comments: Greetings Charles, LOVE your music on the homepage...Don't give up. Pray; have faith. Keep a positive mental attitude. Love each other. My HAPPY concert with a GOSPEL choir, BOOGIE-woogie piano, band, brass : violin was recorded 'Live' in Norway; Listen FREE!

TRISHA ESTHER, Comments: Thanks so much for the website, its full of God's miracles and wonders. I really liked it and keep up.I really believe in God coz He did much for me. He saved me. I was a sinner rejected and missing, but Jesus came for me and actually He found me waiting for him and shook my hands and took me with Him.Praise God! So dear in case you are stranded, just check that one down! Hope you will like it!God bless u.--

Chinyerem Iphy Okereke, 15 Nwaturuocha Street Ikenegbu Layout Owerri Imo State Nigeria P.O Box 3319234 803 5927126 or 234 83 231736,,, Comments: I like Jesus and all His works are marvellous in my sightAnything about yourself if you have something to tell us Yeah, Am a person that things of God arouses. I have recalled that He died for me on the cross of calavary.